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Nutrition: Experience a Lifestyle, not a Diet

  • There is no single plan that can work for everybody – we all have unique needs and bodies.
  • Do you really want to count and weigh everything you eat? A detailed plan (with exacting quantities) will make you neurotic. With Your Missing Link you’ll enjoy food while developing a healthy physique. An exacting plan (maybe) works in the short run; be the envy of your friends when you are set up for long-term success.
  • You’ll gain the self-confidence that has been eluding you. It all begins with small steps.  Each step leads to the next as we take the guesswork out of what you should eat and why.
  • You’ll soon know the truth about the effects of saturated fat, cholesterol, wheat, dairy and more and Your Missing Link will develop a personalized template ensuring your success.
  • Under the specific guidance of Your Missing Link, you’ll experience food choices that will allow you freedom and peace of mind.
Service Investment # of Sessions


This is provided as part of the BioSignature+ Assessment, Report, and Meal Plan!

BioSignature and In-Depth Health Protocol

  • Provides body-fat % as well as site priority rankings
  • Includes analysis of physiological profile and protocol recommendations
  • This is not a cookie-cutter approach; Instead a Template is used to determine your needs and type
  • No counting calories! I’ll debunk this myth and you’ll learn what really matters when it comes to eating for optimal health and appearance
  • Discover which Types of Foods to eat, master meal-timing, and Quantities
  • Number of sessions/months are variable based on your current habits (follow-up monthly coaching is similar to monthly coaching noted under “Fat-Loss”)
  • After receiving your initial protocol you are eligible for subsequent follow-up protocols at a rate of $60.00!


@ each of 2 appointments


$250/month follow-up coaching as needed




  • Full line of Poliquin brand supplements are available. This is what I use personally and endorse because of the high quality and effectiveness.