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Fat-Loss Services:
Better, Faster Fat-Loss with BioSignature


Developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge fat-loss and health assessment method. Poliquin discovered that where an individual stores body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile. Tim Lochhead of Your Missing Link will help you to correct hormonal imbalances leading to weight loss. But the benefits of BioSignature Modulation don’t end there. This multi-faceted approach plays a key role in addressing other personal health issues, including:

  • Sleep & Stress
  • Insulin/Blood Sugar Management
  • Digestion
  • Brain & Cognition
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Detox
  • Joints & Inflammation

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  • MONEY BACK GAURANTEE: you will lose a minimum 10 LBs of fat! 2
  • Several different options exist to fit your needs and schedule
  • Upgrade at any time to longer packages for the incremental difference – double-charging is not our style
  • Follow-ups rates available for existing clients
Service Investment # of Sessions

FAT-LOSS (BioSignature)

BioSignature Assessment/Follow-Ups

  • Provides body-fat % as well as site priority rankings
  • Includes description of top three site priority rankings



BioSignature and In-Depth Health Protocol 1

  • Provides body-fat % as well as site priority rankings
  • Includes analysis of physiological profile and protocol recommendations
  • After receiving your initial protocol you are eligible for subsequent follow-up protocols at a rate of $60.00!


@ each of 2 appointments



BioSignature and In-Depth Health Programs 1,2

  • Provides body-fat % as well as site priority rankings
  • Includes analysis of physiological profile and protocol recommendations
  • Protocol includes training program, nutritional program/ recommendations and supplement recommendations
  • Includes unlimited online (remote) Q&A for duration of program
  • Includes walk through for prescribed exercise instruction

$250.00 per month

see below

Duration and Follow-Up Frequency

  • Monthly – variable based on your needs!
  • Assessment and Follow-Ups: A typical Schedule
    • An initial assessment is performed: BioSignature (caliper skinfold) measures are taken for the software, nutritional tests are administered.
    • Monthly follow-up: review and update your progress and future plan. Another BioSignature may be taken as well.
    • Before and after photographs are taken at the beginning and end of your program. Your photos are used to track and show progress – they will not be used for promotional material without your consent!
    • What you need: training shorts and sports bra (women only of course) for measurements and photos. If you are self-conscious for the photos, tighter fitting work-out attire is fine.

$250.00 per month


1-2 per month

BioSignature Program + One-On-One Training 1,2

  • Your best bet for fat-loss and body shaping!
  • Includes above program plus one-on-one training sessions per week up to 3-4x per week
  • Unlimited online (remote) Q&A
  • Weekly BioSignature measurements are conducted to monitor progress!
  • Can be postponed or ended with appropriate refund in case of unexpected circumstances (family emergency, travel, etc).
  • Variable length weeks/sessions can be obtained

Per above + $60.00 per optional
one-on-one session

(instead of regular $75 rate)

Initial +
1-3x per week

BioSignature Follow Up 1,2

  • Ensure you are on track!
  • Follow up reading for returning clients
  • Provides body-fat % as well as site priority rankings
  • Top 5 supplement recommendations provided

From $60.00


Group and/or Corporate FAT-LOSS

Group and/or Corporate BioSignature Assessments 1,3

  • Each participant receives:
  • Body Composition Challenge Manual:
    • Download FREE sample
    • Challenge Diet
    • Challenge Training Program and Instructions
    • Other Goal Setting and Preparation Tips to Succeed
  • Body fat % as well as site priority rankings
  • Analysis of physiological profile and protocol to correct
  • Protocol includes 8 week fat-loss training program (beginner, intermediate, advanced), nutritional program/recommendations and supplement recommendations.
  • Unlimited online (remote) Q&A
  • On-site demos for prescribed exercise instruction
  • Follow up and final measurement for participants
  • Group/Corporate Challenge: Win $500+ ! 3
  • Group Challenge runs 2 out of every 3 months
  • Contact me at for next challenge date
  • Corporate challenges are flexible to meet the needs of your organization or group. Format of challenges can be suited to your organization (ex. within whole organization, department, branch, etc.)
  • Minimum 5 employees for Corporate Challenge

$349.95 ($549.95 value!) per participant


(variable depending on # of participants)

Group and/or Corporate Health & Fitness Presentation

  • Coming Soon!
  • Introductory Presentation to Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Learn the Secret to Diet Success
  • Learn the Real way to Exercise for Fat-Loss
  • Includes General Health & Fitness Q&A
  • Direct inquiries to


Approx. 1 hour



      • POLIQUIN GROUP – NOT available in stores!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

    • And more
    • These are what I use (AND have used for a while) personally, and share among family, friends, and loved ones!



  1. Supplements not included – prices vary depending on required protocol..
  2. For all Fat-Loss/BioSignature coaching packages and programs you are GAURANTEED to lose a minimum 10 lbs of fat! If not, all program fees will be refunded. However, you must commit to a minimum year of coaching/programs/personal training.
  3. Participant achieving most favourable body composition transformation will receive $100 for each participant entered. Most favourable body composition change is determined based on receiving ‘points’ as follows:
  • 1 point for each pound of fat lost
  • 1 point for each pound of lean mass (i.e. muscle) gained
  • No partial points
  • Point deduction for each pound of fat gained or lean mass lost (but it won’t happen)
  • Teaches you there is more than the scale and that lean mass is healthy
  • Example: Jimmy loses 5 pounds of fat and loses 5 pounds of muscle – Not very good results – you move your fat but your muscle moves you – it’s a sign of health. But, he gets credit for moving down 10 pounds in a traditional weight loss competition format. Bill loses 10 pounds of fat and gains 5 pounds of muscle – great results! Bill’s body will have made some noticeable differences – he looks trim in that dress shirt and even better when it comes off! But, he only gets credit for moving 5 pounds down the scale. Jimmy, who doesn’t look any better and isn’t any healthier wins.
    Under my system above though, Jimmy gets 0 points (+5 for fat lost – 5 for muscle lost) while Bill gets 15 points (+10 for fat lost + 5 for muscle gained). Bill is obviously and correctly the outright winner!