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Workshops designed for the
Gym enthusiast who is looking for results,
but not long-term one-on-one training

Kick-start your life of fitness and well-being through one and two-day exercise workshops offered exclusively through Your Missing Link. In a small group setting, these crash courses in fundamental exercise execution highlight the importance of proper form in realizing your aspirations. You’ll properly sculpt and strengthen muscles while minimizing the risk of injuring yourself.

Each workshop, whether one day or two, involves five hours of daily training targeting the upper and/or lower body.  Watching others in the gym isn’t the way to accomplish your goals.  You’ll learn the correct procedures for various popular exercises and the essential mechanics of basic lifts.

One hour or other private custom sessions are available for specific lifts/movements – see details below.

As an added bonus, Your Missing Link workshop participants will receive a 200+ page instruction manual offering detailed instructions and photographs of the exercises and techniques you’ve learned.  This custom manual will be a valuable asset as you safely work to achieve your goals.

Service Investment # of Sessions


Exercise Seminar Series

  • Learn the Real Keys to Exercise Movements for Maximum and Injury Free Results
  • Why attend? Are you confident that you are doing things properly in the gym? Are you getting the most of your valuable time? Can your technique be leading to an injury?
  • We review the proper exercise technique for a selected movement. Avoid injury and get the most bang for your buck out of your training!
  • Feel free to pass along the invite and bring a friend!
  • Other details:
    • Location: Dynamic Training & Rehab Studio, 760 Brant Street, Unit 49, Burlington, ON
    • What you need: work-out attire, water bottle



Contact me to attend!

Exercise Instruction eBook and hardcopy

  • Over 200 pages of our Signature exercise instructions
  • Custom photos, descriptions, and instructions on hundreds of variations of exercises (with an easy to use user-friendly table of contents and format)
  • Includes 3 FREE training programs and workout logs to get you started
  • Download a FREE SAMPLE of the book!
  • Get all of the instructions PLUS the entire bonus training days right now: click Pay Now and complete the simple steps and we will send you your copy within 24 hours via!

Buy Now

$99.99 (hardcopy and eBook)


Custom Tutorial Sessions 

  • Personal training in a custom tutorial format!
  • YOUR CHOICE of exercises/movements
  • Select 1 or more – examples include:
    • Arms
    • Back exercises – including little known tips that make or break back development
    • Deadlifts and variations
    • Glutes (butt) and hamstring
    • Pressing movements
    • Shoulder stabilizers (aka shoulder savers)
    • Squat technique and progressions – learn proper stabilitzation to save your knees 
    • And more! (Whatever you want to learn!)
  • Includes FREE sections from eBook of above exercise instructions!




Exercise Workshop – 2 days

  • Includes FREE eBook and hardcopy of above exercise instructions! ($100 value)
  • I see 90% of all trainees performing 90% of exercises with bad form
  • Stop wasting time and learn how to get things done and produce results!
  • Why attend? Are you 100% confident you are doing things properly in the gym? Are you really getting the most of your valuable time? Can your form be leading to injury?
  • If all you want is to make sure you’re doing it right, why pay $10,000+ for a year of one-on-one training?
  • Get what you want right here!
  • Ensure proper from to avoid/reduce injury
  • Crash course in proper form and exercise technique for several upper and lower body movements including:
    • Pressing
    • Rowing
    • Lunges
    • Step-ups
    • Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • And more!
  • Runs once per month; limited to maximum 6 partakers per workshop
  • Other details
    • Location: Dynamic Training & Rehab Studio, 760 Brant Street, Unit 49, Burlington, ON
    • What you need: pen/pencil, work-out attire, meals/snacks



2 Saturday or Sunday afternoons

5-6 hours each

Exercise Workshop – 1 day 

  • 1 day of above tutorial
  • Your choice of either Lower Body focused Day or Upper Body Day
  • Includes FREE sections (upper or lower body) from eBook of above exercise instructions! ($50 value)