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Health and Fitness Articles

Check out my in depth articles below:

Carbohydrates and Insulin

This may be the most important article from this site; if there is one to read this is it! Learn what can really make us fat (hint: it’s not fat) and have a huge impact on your health. Gain an introduction to carbs and insulin!

Weakest Link Applied to Training

Our first article in the weakest link series takes a look at training.  Why start with training and exercise?  You might think I am biased being a trainer and fitness model, but it is the other way around – I became a trainer when I realized how important exercise is and began my own path.  Read my article on the Weakest Link Applied to Training.

Weakest Link Applied to Nutrition

If you eat the right amount of good food, but don’t do it at the right times, then you will run into problems.  If you eat an ideal amount at good times, but eat junk, then you will have problems.  If you eat good foods at good times, but take in too much or too little, you guessed it – problems.

So how do we avoid the problems?  Find out by reading Weakest Link Applied to Nutrition.

Periodization Intro

Periodization is derived from the Greek period referring to a division of time.  The concept here is to organize training into small, distinct periods of time to manage training for optimal results.  Read my Introduction to Periodization.