May 10, 2011

De-Stress Month: Treat Yourself to a “Treat”ment!

By Tim Lochhead

Excessive stress is one of the big three reasons for excess weight (i.e. fat) and a variety of health ailments. In the short amount of time since the Industrial Revolution we have not adapted to recognize the difference between being chased by an unruly predator or being frustrated with a new work deadline, heavy traffic, etc.

Cortisol, your “stress hormone”, is also one of the major sites that we manage with BioSignature Modulation. (See our methods for more info).

Ok, so all this excess stress does nothing to flatter our bellies, long-term health, immunity or aging; how can we combat this?

This month we will look at a few tips to help manage stress.

A favourite topic (I say this because almost everyone loves it when I provide these recommendations vs. Mr. Drill Sergeant) is treating yourself to a treatment! 

In fact, when I have some more “aggressive” clients who want to train 5 days per week, I suggest 4 days and that the 5th day be a treatment most weeks.

Some examples:

  • Massage (relaxing variety, not the hard deep tissue kind Olympic athletes get)
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Chiropractic
  • Osteopathy
  • Ionic foot detox
  • Variety of spa treatments (from body scrubs to facials, anything where you are pampered goes!)

Basically stress activates your sympathetic nervous system: think “fight or flight”.

Anything relaxing (see above) will activate your parasympathetic nervous system: think “rest and digest”.

This serves to balance the two systems.

Many will criticize the above saying this is not productive time. Imagine a plane taking off and flying forever (or trying to), while another takes periodic ‘breaks’ to refuel, get a service check up, and let pilots rest (hint hint). One plane will be in top shape and can serve long into the future, while the other sputters and eventually crashes. Which is which? Which are you?

Treat yourself today!

Check out some alternative health cares services offered by Dynamic Training & Rehabilitation, also located here in the Canadian Human Performance Centre.