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Founder’s Bio

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.”
∞ Robert Louis Stevenson

Here is my story and an introduction to my passion of helping others achieve their ideal physique and level of health.

The short of it is that I was always told I couldn’t succeed at my health and fitness goals; my bone structure was too small and I wasn’t lean enough. Instead of throwing in the towel or making excuses I fought back and worked hard in the gym, but never got the results I really wanted or deserved – all this work didn’t show! Frustrated with “mainstream myths” I searched until I found some common sense and proven principles that produce real results. I’ve been the skinny kid, overweight, and motivated to learn how to shape a championship body. I did this sticking to my values – all natural and while working as a busy professional.

Tim Lochhead, Founder and Head Nutrition & Training Coach

I vowed to help as many people I could avoid frustration and wasted time, and achieve that body you want and deserve! Whether you’ve been told you can’t do this or that or don’t have the confidence or knowhow to do it by yourself; you don’t have too! I have been there and am here to help you.

I care because I have been there, and because this is my passion. I want to share my health and vitality with you; from the benefits of looking and feeling great to gaining the confidence to succeed and flourish.

I sacrificed a successful business career to pursue my passion of helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. I obtained the education (and practical experience!) of what really works (and why!) when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

If you want to look or feel better, for whatever reason (frustrated, unhappy, simply not getting the return on investment you’d like), I can help.

If I can do it, YOU can too!

Here is the longer version awaiting a movie adaptation:

“Get Your Popcorn Ready!” ∞ Terrell Owens

While growing up being active was always part of my lifestyle. My first job was working with children as a sports camp counselor and birthday supervisor. My love of bringing the benefits of health and fitness to others was clearly evident as I also co-founded a youth fitness program. Though my older sister was the marquee athlete of the family, I enjoyed an active lifestyle while being labeled the “academic one”. Of course “being fit” at that time meant doing a lot of push and pull ups and I really had great endurance. This didn’t translate into a very strong body, or provide much confidence at the beach only weighing around 140lbs at age 20.

Everything was going to be ok though – it was great being a young male because when we are 18-20 years old we know everything. I was sure following some info in magazines and doing what the average Joe in the gym was doing would lead to top notch results.

Back to school as the academic one and being mathematically savvy I took interest in finance and accounting at the University of Waterloo. I graduated with a BA and later a Master of Accounting in 2006 before obtaining my eventual Chartered Accountant (CA) designation in 2006. Throughout my school years I gained a lot of “weight”, getting up over 200 lbs, but too much of this was unwanted fat. I didn’t get it, since I ate what I thought was “clean” – high protein and carbs (refined carbs though) and low fat. I later learned that was a mistake, and somehow I was “forgetting” all that knowledge of everything I once had. I realized I didn’t know everything, or much of anything to be honest.

I tried getting leaner with the above diet and “cardio” – the usual steady speed machine type work that should really be called aerobics, and restricted to hamsters on little wheelies.  Another mistake and more frustration.

Tim Before

Here I am in 2005 at 190lbs and 21% BF, but was worse in 2004. I have some size at this point, but lean mass is only 150lbs. Not much to show for all that time in the gym. Time wasted, but lessons learned…..

While working as a busy business professional, I continued to seek answers to enhance my health and one day experienced a BioSignature assessment in 2008. Typical for someone in my industry I had a high stress profile, indicating the need to manage stress and the “stress hormone” cortisol. I also learned that I wasn’t very carbohydrate tolerant, meaning that I needed carefully plan my intake of carbs. Within weeks I magically lost over 10 pounds of fat and wasn’t even trying a fat-loss protocol. I was also on my way towards shaping proper lifestyle habits, as well as an appearance on the competitive stage. This also led to obtaining my BioSignature certification as well. 

In October 2008 I entered my first fitness modeling competition with Ultimate Fitness Events. This was my ideal choice from both an image standpoint and as being a lifetime natural athlete. I placed 2nd and won the best costume being a Halloween show. The experience was incredible and I learned much about health and fitness as well as myself along the journey. The most important lesson was the value of hard work and a positive mindset – it may be cliche but you really can achieve your dreams if you put your mind to it and act! Where the mind goes the body follows.

Tim After

Here I am today; walking around with a comfortable 6% BF.

I later won my first show in 2009, so I have experienced a wide range of results with my physique over the years. I went from being the skinniest kid to overweight and tired just trying to get where I wanted. Not because of lack of effort, but not knowing what is really effective in terms of healthy eating and proper training.

Now I am a physique champion, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, high performance body.

More importantly, I know what it is like to be frustrated without making improvements despite good intentions. I promised myself that I would do my best to see that this does not happen to others, and have become a certified BioSignature practitioner and PICP Level 2 coach. I became a personal trainer to help you. For me this knowledge is among the best out there and put to good use will provide the best “bang for your buck” results.

It’s hard competing as a lifetime natural athlete, but nothing worth doing is easy. BioSignature is one of my secret keys to unlocking stubborn fat-loss, as well as adhering to other proven nutrition and training methods.

As for training, the fundamentals just aren’t discussed in popular magazines and certainly aren’t practiced in commercial gyms from what I see. It’s time to learn the real way to train so you don’t waste your time or get hurt.

Whatever your reason, whatever the cause, we can work together to end your frustrations. Discover the no-nonsense means to achieve your goals!

Tim Lochhead
PICP L2, BioSignature Practitioner
BA, MAcc, CA
Discover the Missing Link to Your Health & Fitness

Competition History

“Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep.”
Denis Waitley


  • 1st Place, Ultimate Fitness Events Halloween Mayhem Male Fitness Model
  • 2nd Place, Ultimate Fitness Events National Championships Male Fitness Model
  • 1st Place, Fitness STAR Model Search London Male Muscular Fitness Model
  • Awarded Xtreme Lifestyle Mag Feature


  • 2nd Place, Ultimate Fitness Events Halloween Mayhem Male Fitness Model
  • Awarded Best Costume at Ultimate Fitness Events Halloween Mayhem
  • 2nd Place, Ultimate Fitness Events MVP Quest Male Fitness Model